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Joint PhD fellowship in Exosomes Engineering

A joint PhD fellowship is offered as a collaborative project between the groups of Niels Reichardt, Head of the Glycotechnology laboratory, CIC biomaGUNE, San Sebastian and Juan-Manuel Falcon, Head of Exosomes Laboratory, CIC bioGUNE, Bilbao. This project will combine the expertise of both groups in molecular biology and biomaterials research to design, develop and test Glycoengineered Exosomes as Vehicles for Gene and Drug Delivery.

Requirements: The applicant should have an excellent master degree in chemistry or biochemistry, be fluent in English and is expected to rapidly take up and develop techniques and concepts from synthetic and analytical chemistry as well as molecular biology. Special attention during the execution of the thesis will be given to the translation of research results towards industrial commercialization, where both partners have extensive previous experience.

more information in PDF format (359.13 Kb)


PhD position in "Innovative 3D scaffolds based on Carbon Nanomaterials and Conductive Polymers for Biomedical Applications"

One PhD position is available co-supervised by Prof. Maurizio Prato, leader of the Carbon Nanobiotechnology group at CIC biomaGUNE, and Prof. David Mecerreyes, leader of the Innovative Polymers group at POLYMAT-University of the Basque Country, both in San Sebastián. The group of Prof. Prato has a wide experience in the functionalization chemistry of carbon nanostructures, exploring new synthetic protocols, new analytical methods and discovering new materials for applications in materials science and medicinal chemistry. Prof. Mecerreyes' group is specialist in the synthesis of novel polymeric PEDOT materials for bioelectronics.

more information in PDF format (455.08 Kb)


PhD position

A PhD position is available in the frame of the research project: "Development of robust imaging protocols for the longitudinal study of pre-clinical models of Multiple Sclerosis", hosted by the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Laboratory (Prof. Pedro Ramos-Cabrer), and the Multiple Sclerosis Research Group of Biodonostia (Dr. David Otaegui Bichot). Candidates with biological/biomedical background with strong interest on the fields of Neuroscience and in Magnetic Resonance Imaging methodologies are encouraged to apply for this 3-years position in the city of San Sebastián (Spain). Further details are described in the PDF file.

more information in PDF format (437.34 Kb)


Project Manager Position

The Project Manager, in strong collaboration with the management bodies, will take care of the coordination and execution of all initiatives related to ReDIB.

The part time Project Manager position is open for a total duration of 2 years. The Project Manager will work at CNIC (Madrid).

The roles of the successful candidate will include, but will not be limited to:

- Coordinating and overseeing the activities conducted at ReDIB.
- Preparation of the annual reports and strategic plan of ReDIB.
- Managing and coordination of competitive calls for external access to the facility.
- Dissemination activities, including updating of the webpage and design and preparation of brochures and leaflets.
- Improve visibility of ReDIB and search for potential external users.
- Lead and/or support the preparation of project proposals to access competitive funding.
-Support in the organization of scientific or managerial meetings, workshops and outreach activities

more information in PDF format (450.87 Kb)


Radiochemistry and Nuclear Imaging Group - CIC biomaGUNE Biomaterials Unit - IK4-CIDETEC

The PhD student will be working on the preparation of drug-loaded oil-in-water emulsions as therapeutic tools for the treatment of lung metastases following inhalation. After appropriate characterization, the drug-loaded nanocapsules will be radiolabelled, the pharmacokinetic properties will be evaluated in rodents using in vivo imaging techniques and the therapeutic efficacy will be finally investigated using animal models.

more information in PDF format (524.12 Kb)


Postdoctoral Research Associate

We are seeking highly motivated candidates with an excellent research/academic track record and hands-on experience in one or more of the following areas:
- In vitro immune cell activation assays; cell culture; analysis and purification of primary immune cells from murine tissues; methods for in vitro and in vivo analysis of immune responses; cancer mouse models.
- Controlled antibody conjugation of inorganic nanoparticles.
- In vitro and in vivo preclinical evaluation of anticancer drugs.
- Application of engineering principles for drug delivery.

more information in PDF format (125.92 Kb)

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