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CIC biomaGUNE is a non-profit research organization created to promote scientific research and technological innovation at the highest levels in the Basque Country following the BIOBASQUE policy in order to create a new business sector based on biosciences.


Research Highlights

Linear polysaccharides known as glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) are ubiquitous cell surface and extracellular matrix components and fulfil crucial biological functions. Together with researchers in Grenoble, the Richter Lab has established oxime ligation as a facile, one-step method for the selective conjugation of GAGs at the reducing end. The work, reported in the journal Chemical Communications, demonstrates oxime ligation as a superior method in terms of both yield and stability in comparison to the commonly used hydrazone ligation. QCM-D was demonstrated as a surface-sensitive technique that enables quantitative analysis of conjugation yields, sample degradation and sample composition, which are difficult to assess with conventional analytical techniques, in particular when the amount of sample is limited to a few micrograms.

Article: "A Quartz Crystal Microbalance Method to Study the Terminal Functionalization of Glycosaminoglycans"
Authors: Dhruv Thakar, Elisa Migliorini, Liliane Guerente, Rabia Sadir, Hugues Lortat-Jacob, Didier Boturyn, Olivier Renaudet, Pierre Labbe and Ralf P. Richter
Journal: Chem. Commun. 2014 DOI: 10.1039/C4CC06905F



Dr. Félix Rodríguez (Universidad de Oviedo)

Multicomponent and Cascade Reactions: New Opportunities for Natural Product Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry




CIC biomaGUNE conmemora su 8º aniversario con una conferencia magistral del Prof. Avelino Corma


Medalla de la Real Sociedad Española de Química a la trayectoria científica del director de CIC biomaGUNE, Luis Liz Marzán


Dr. Marek Grzelczak (Ikerbasque fellow at CIC biomaGUNE), has been awarded with one of the grant for researchers from Fundación BBVA.


September 26th 2014, we wil have an Open Day in the Radiochemistry and Nuclear Imaging Group at CIC biomaGUNE. Eunice Sofia Da Silva and Sameer Manohar Joshi, PhD students of the group, will give a seminar entitled: BASIC INTRODUCTION TO RADIOCHEMISTRY AND PET. more

Job offers

EU Project Manager

Job description: The project manager will support the coordinator of the ETN-Immunoshape, a large Horizon 2020 project with 13 partners, in all administrative tasks.Responsibilities: • Project management: Liaising between project and funders;

European Projects Specialist

The role of the European Projects Specialist will be to oversee and manage the research projects of several research lines, liaising with other sites and institutions across Spain and Europe and support the Scientific Project Management Unit of CIC

Technology Transfer Manager/Specialist

The role of the Technology Transfer Manager will be to implement actions to optimize transfer of knowledge to the private sector, managing a portfolio of intellectual property primarily related to engineering and life sciences. This position requires more